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Wet curls need TLC

Did you know that your curly hair is even more fragile when it is wet? So as careful as you should be with your dry curls, wet curls need even more TLC! When hair is wet it is much more likely to break and be damaged from being pulled, stretched, bent, or roughly handled. Wet hair doesn’t snap back into place like a rubber band does - any stretching bends the cuticle out of place, which causes your hair to look and feel damaged.


So to keep your curls strong, healthy and luscious, here are some tips for wet curls:


  1. Brush when dry before you shower to get the knots out. This will decrease breakage when getting the tougher tangles out.
  2. Be gentle when you brush your curls. Always start from the ends and work your up while holding the section you are working on. Leave in conditioner on your strands will help make the job easier!
  3. Use a microfibre towel on your wet hair and don’t rub your hair, that will just rough it up, just squeeze the moisture out – the realself works microfibre towel is extra large for curly hair!
  4. When it is necessary to detangle wet hair, it is important that you use the right brush with soft boar and nylon bristles because they bend with the hair to avoid snags.
  5. Once out of the shower apply the realself works leave-in conditioner. Adding product while your hair is wet is key for all curls because it stops frizz before it even starts.
  6. This is really important - if you put your hair into a ponytail when its wet, it will break at the ponytail band. And that is not good! If you must put it up when it's wet, use a clip or hairpins.


There will be a lot less damage to your hair if you put less stress on it when it is wet. Free your curls!

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