Curls on the go kit - Best Refresh EVER!
Curls activating mist
Curls on the go kit - Best Refresh EVER!
Best curls ever
Curls Curly hair care kit special offer
Curls on the go kit - Best Refresh EVER!

Curls on the go kit - Best Refresh EVER!


Kit includes:
  • Hydrating NEW Leave-in Conditioner with Baobab:
    • Apply a quarter-size amount of product to hands and massage the leave-in from tips to roots. Splash hands with a bit of cold water and rake fingers through hair to allow product to seal cuticles and prevent split ends. For best results, use T3 CURL Shampoo and Conditioner then follow with T3 CURL Baobab Leave-in Conditioner.
  • Spray Pump Bottle: Between washes - make your own CurlActivating mist. 
  • Here's how:
    • Step 1
      • Pour 8 oz. distilled or filtered water into a spray bottle. A funnel may be necessary.
    • Step 2
      • Squeeze a small amount (tablespoon) of Baobab leave-in conditioner into the bottle.
    • Step 3
      • Start by squeezing one drop of fragrance oil into the bottle and add until you reach your desired scent. The fragrance oil is not necessary, as it does not affect hair texture or curl definition. It does, however, add scent.
    • Step 4
      • Replace the cap on the bottle and shake well until all ingredients are dissolved and combined.
    • Step 5
      • Spray onto dry hair and scrunch with your hands until curls being to form. Allow to dry so the curls will stay
  • Star Hair Catcher to keep your drains unclogged
  • Choice of fragrance oil.
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