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Brush vs Bottle

When you were a little kid and your mom brushed your hair.. did it go from relatively tame to an unruly, frizzy mess? With an increase in volume by 100%? Curly hair does not like to be brushed – especially if it is dry! Brushing curly hair just makes it frizzy. To keep your curls intact, they need to be wet, not brushed.

If you are having a “no shower” day, you can use a spray bottle to wet your hair - press the water into hair with hands and lightly separate curls with fingers if you need to– but not too much! Let the hair absorb the water. If your hair is still a bit frizzy, add some leave in conditioner by putting some in the palm of your hands and rubbing it on the frizzy spots. The scent that you chose to add to the leave-in will make your hair smell nice all day too! What could be better!

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